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Hecho en Guatemala: calidad que conquista al mundo

Made in Guatemala: quality that conquers the world

Guatemala is located in the heart of America. Right in the center. It is a fertile land for business, as well as for agricultural production. We are also Mayan culture, we are ancestral knowledge, we are a city – the largest in the region -, we are agriculture, we are technology, we are services, we are manufactures, we are a country that exceeds expectations.

Enjoying a fruit or a vegetable made in Guatemala is an unrepeatable multisensory experience, for its colors, for its quality, for its natural freshness, for the dedication with which it was cultivated.

Drinking a coffee made in Guatemala, with the perfect notes, is a habit that comes to stay every day in palates around the world. Or try the shrimp that are harvested on the Guatemalan coasts, where its volcanic sand, full of nutrients and minerals, ensures an incomparable flavor and color.

What is done in Guatemala has the potential to conquer the world. The services we offer, regardless of the distance and thanks to the stability of telecommunications or the handmade articles that tell stories, stand out for their quality.

In these pages we want to introduce you to our country, a nation that continues to take steps forward, that reinvents itself as often as necessary and looks to the future. We want to offer you the guarantee that what is made in Guatemala will exceed your expectations.

We thank the companies that have believed in this project, because we know that just like we know that Guatemala Exceeds Expectations:

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