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Corporación Multi Inversiones is a multilatina family corporation of Central American origin that generates investment, employment and development in the region. CMI began its work in 1920 in Guatemala, having an exponential growth, consolidating itself as a corporation made

Grupo Karims (GK) started in the Central American region more than 25 years ago, being the third generation working in the textile industry, it is one of the pioneers in the region. GK discovered the great potential of Central America,

The global clothing and textile market is dynamic and rapidly changing, it is susceptible to the demands and expectations of consumers, who have increasing demands in terms of quality, sustainability and traceability. The country competes with large-scale, low-cost producers, such

XumaK is a Mayan word that means “to blossom”. It symbolizes the process of planting a seed, of nurturing it so that it grows until it blossoms. In this technological company founded in 2004, careers are formed, dreams are

The versatility and exquisiteness of the shrimp produced by Acuamaya please the most demanding palates in the world. The diversity of natural resources that the country has makes it has a great potential to generate clean energy. Guatemala's energy supply

Coffee is part of the essence of Guatemala and stands out worldwide for its exceptional quality and special production process.  All Guatemalan coffees develop a delicious aroma, pleasant acidity, full body and delicate sweetness, a combination that produces an exquisite

It can well be said that Guatemalan exports are a reflection of the country's megadiversity. In fact, 70 percent of them are considered “non-traditional” and they add up to around 4 thousand different goods and countless services of all

Guatemala, which is governed by the central banking system, has a solid financial and banking system. The Banco de Guatemala, through the Monetary Board, its highest management body, controls the national banking system, made up of 17 banking institutions, 11 financial

Thanks to the extensive experience of its inhabitants in cultivating the land and the diversity of up to 360 microclimates, Guatemala's crops can be classified as exquisite and world-class. Fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and processed foods, in different presentations, are