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Sabores que encantan y enamoran

Flavors that enchant and fall in love

Thanks to the extensive experience of its inhabitants in cultivating the land and the diversity of up to 360 microclimates, Guatemala’s crops can be classified as exquisite and world-class.

Fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and processed foods, in different presentations, are requested by renowned chefs to serve them at tables and special events.

Guatemala has innovated in all its production processes, adds value to its products and meets the highest quality standards. Sanitary and phytosanitary measures for food safety, animal health and plant health are commitments acquired in trade treaties and agreements.

Value chains and good practices have improved the competitiveness of products made in Guatemala. Faced with new trends, strong quality controls have generated good acceptance in international markets.

Diversification and adaptation to the demands of exclusive markets have resulted in the agricultural and food industry having a strong productive capacity and maintaining constant growth.

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