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Allan started his aquaculture project like many entrepreneurs: going into debt. With technical and financial assistance from AGEXPORT and a bank of the system, it began its adventure that today produces about 800 quintals of shrimp for each harvest cycle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpna8UUMU-U On

During the end of 2017, AGEXPORT launched a project to promote investments of exporting firms outside the Metropolitan area. The project is being developed and coordinated by AGEXPORT’s Competitiveness division and identified a total of 12 municipalities all over Guatemala, one of

After the recent death of José Fernando Mazariegos Anleu, inventor of a water purifying filter whose design he donated to humanity, the Guatemalan social company Ecofiltro decided to honor him with its new plastic line called Colors. Mazariegos Anleu was

Ancient jungle-shrouded cities. Far-flung islands watched over by monolithic statues. Haunting deserts where geysers bubble away ominously. The world is full of fascinating destinations. Many of them, however, are notoriously remote, requiring a gruelling series of connecting flights and more

Guatemala seeks to export more to Asia, for which the businessmen will create a specific working table to enhance trade opportunities with that continent. By Prensa Libre The Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport) stated that the Asia Table will be created to

LA ANTIGUA, Guatemala — Though the country’s volume may be relatively small compared to the major players in the global shrimp industry, Guatemalan shrimp producers are looking to an Asian-style model of higher farming densities in order to drive growth. Speaking