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Allan started his aquaculture project like many entrepreneurs: going into debt. With technical and financial assistance from AGEXPORT and a bank of the system, it began its adventure that today produces about 800 quintals of shrimp for each harvest cycle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpna8UUMU-U On

During the end of 2017, AGEXPORT launched a project to promote investments of exporting firms outside the Metropolitan area. The project is being developed and coordinated by AGEXPORT’s Competitiveness division and identified a total of 12 municipalities all over Guatemala, one of

After the recent death of José Fernando Mazariegos Anleu, inventor of a water purifying filter whose design he donated to humanity, the Guatemalan social company Ecofiltro decided to honor him with its new plastic line called Colors. Mazariegos Anleu was