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Piezas que encajan en los corazones extranjeros

Pieces that fit foreign hearts

Guatemalan manufacturers and exporters have found important spaces in different markets, for example in the nostalgic, thanks to innovation and adaptation to global trends.

Guatemalans continue to develop special skills to increase quality and productivity. Electronic commerce and other cutting-edge technologies drive competitiveness and demand for products made in this land.

Quality in natural raw materials, value chains, commercial intelligence, strategic alliances and friendly packaging have allowed the goods produced in the country to be world class.

Handmade textiles, food and beverages, cosmetics, wooden furniture, plastics, rubber, rubber, cardboard and shoes, among other diverse manufactures, impact markets such as the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Sustainability and compliance with environmental, labor and tax regulations have boosted the growth of companies established in the country.

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