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El potencial exportador de Guatemala

Guatemala’s export potential

It can well be said that Guatemalan exports are a reflection of the country’s megadiversity. In fact, 70 percent of them are considered “non-traditional” and they add up to around 4 thousand different goods and countless services of all kinds.

The country’s export platform grows year after year and is strengthened from all areas. Government authorities have decided to promote the export economic model, opening spaces for dialogue, interrelation and coordination between different actors in the chain.

For almost four decades, the Guatemalan Association of Exporters – AGEXPORT – has been dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of exports, being a faithful believer that this is the model to develop the country and expand opportunities throughout the production chain.

The Guatemalan offer has been successfully diversified to the rest of the world, this being reflected in the change in the export matrix, which went from being mostly traditional to being innovative and varied.

At the same time, Guatemala and the market demands itself have given way to the search and implementation of solutions that are increasingly versatile, avant-garde and in accordance with global needs: electronic platforms to make business appointments, modernization throughout the export scheme and a vision clear of sustainability as a transversal axis.

AGEXPORT is an engine that not only promotes exports in the country, but also ensures the buyer abroad a transparent and agile mechanism to find world-class suppliers.

We want to put before you a rich, varied and high quality offer. We want to be your ally.

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