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First online bakery in Guatemala launches its new business model

With the aim of opening new business opportunities, continuing to invest in the country and creating jobs, Genba launched its new business model based on the franchise system, thus seeking to strengthen and increase its presence at a national and international level.

The company was born in 2016, and since then it has stood out for being a pioneering online bakery and pastry shop. It has its own app that has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 users, an exclusive focus on delivery, and innovative products that are accompanied by a complete experience -from online shopping to delivery to the consumer at their doorstep, or office.

Currently, Genba has four distribution centers that operate in different areas of Guatemala City, and offers more than 100 online products, specials, seasonal products and accessories for the experience.

The entire process takes place through a software platform for comprehensive business management that focuses on facilitating operation processes in distribution centers: from the Genba app, the user enters the destination address, selects the product, makes the payment or indicates it will be paid on delivery, and the software sends the order information to the distribution centers so that the team is in charge of preparing, coordinating the route and ensuring that the delivery experience has the quality that Genba prides itself on.

Genba enriches the market through innovation

Juan Carlos Paiz, founding partner of the company, also highlighted that “Genba adds an unforgettable experience to the bakery, and the franchise makes it possible to take it to every corner of the world”, while Connie de Paiz, also a founding partner, emphasized that ” With this new franchise model, we want to motivate women entrepreneurs to take this investment opportunity, because we know that with their talent and passion, mixed with our know-how, we will reach all of Guatemala and Central America.”

The Genba individual franchise system is delivered under the turnkey modality, which consists of offering the franchisee a unit assembly coordination service, from remodeling, decoration, acquisition and installation of furniture, and even the purchase of inventory, so that the franchisee receives the unit ready to start operations. Likewise, the franchisee does not need to have previous experience in the business, however, it is ideal that they have knowledge in sales, store management and customer service.

It was also reported that the cost of the franchise and the implementation of a business unit is between US$60,000 and US$90,000, depending on the financing model, and that the recovery of the investment is estimated in a period of thirty-six (36) months.

They project the opening of forty franchises in the next five years and calculate that each operation can generate up to twenty jobs. Additional information is available at franchises.genba.online

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