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¿Por qué invertir en Guatemala?

Why invest in Guatemala?

Guatemala occupies a privileged place in America: its geostrategic position is a magnet for attracting investment.

Its geographical proximity to the large markets of the United States, Mexico and Canada open up a range of commercial, financial and logistical opportunities.

The country is characterized by its potential supply of raw materials and services for the region. More than a million hectares of land were cultivated in the 2017-18 cycle, it has hundreds of tourist places from the Mayan, Spanish and Republican eras, and there are 360 ​​microclimates where any industry can develop and receive visitors.

The great opportunity to bear fruit is in Guatemala, due to its thriving productive sectors, such as light manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, agribusiness, information technology and tourism.

Guatemala has:

• Macroeconomic stability

• Abundance of fertile land

• Young population

• Productive potential

• Law of public-private partnerships

• Prosperous business opportunities

• Investments in different sectors

• Coasts in two seas

• Competitive advantages

• Trained human talent

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