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At XumaK, the heart and technology blossoms

XumaK is a Mayan word that means “to blossom”. It symbolizes the process of planting a seed, of nurturing it so that it grows until it blossoms. In this technological company founded in 2004, careers are formed, dreams are realized and Fortune 500 companies entrust their digital transformation to its dedicated team of highly skilled technologists.

Its main center of operations is a core of continuous activity comparable to that of any company in Silicon Valley or countries with technological hubs, such as India, China, England or France, with a key difference: it is located in Guatemala, whose multiculturalism and geostrategic location enrich the company’s global and multicultural vision.

There are four values that Marcos Antil, its founder and CEO, promotes: to have passion for technology, to embrace change, to live service and to embody excellence. This sets XumaK apart from traditional companies and its social initiatives promoting educational programs that contribute to new generations which also yields a heartening experience for its members—better known as XumaKeros, proves it.

That is why the innovative vision of this company places it at the forefront of the industry: prominent digital developers work without schedules or geographical borders, backed by a solid experience and an unparalleled fulfillment of the needs of each client, which is the seed for a virtuous cycle that leads it to germinate, to grow and to blossom—over and over again.

The World Bank, Adobe, MetLife, Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations Development Program and the United States Army are some of its best-known clients

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