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Movimiento Guatemala Beyond Expectations

The Guatemala Exceeds Expectations Movement was born from the need of the Guatemalan export sector and private initiatives in general, to make it known that our country has advantages to being a business, tourism and investment destination that manages to exceed expectations.

It is a movement made up of 26 founding exporting companies, with open doors to add more companies that believe in the values that drive the movement and are committed to the quality of products and services that exceed expectations made in Guatemala, and that, in addition, are willing to work together for the positive national image of our country through its business sector and initiatives in the country.


We are a movement of leaders who promote, position and support the quality of our people, products and services in order to position Guatemala as a country that exceeds expectations.


Show the world that “MADE IN GUATEMALA” exceeds expectations.


Ethical conduct

Committed to the sustainable development of the country


Transparent export culture

Ambassador Companies of the Guatemala Beyond Expectations Movement

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