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Servicios que llevan satisfacción universal

Services that bring universal satisfaction

The high demand for services in the country has allowed the sector to maintain solid growth and to be a source of expansion for different industries.

The services sector brings together exporters from the creative industry, software, laboratories, sustainable tourism, and health and wellness tourism.

Innovation has made it possible to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding clients in different countries who buy these services made in our country.

Guatemala is a pioneer in outsourcing services, with which it serves special markets with technical quality, due to the innate talent of writers, sculptors, painters, programmers and film artists, as well as software creators for the digital economy.

There is a wide and competitive portfolio of medical, wellness and recreation services, in addition to international certifications that validate the creative, hospital, technical and professional offer.

Investments in the sector are notable and constant, since multinational operations have been incorporated that have promoted diversification.

Connectivity is agile and dynamic through an optimal fiber optic and telecommunications infrastructure, which allows the arrival of new consumers, as well as the departure of local talent.

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