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A wide biological, cultural and climatic diversity, first-class customer service and a privileged geographical location, very close to one of the largest markets in the world; these are some of the key factors that make Guatemala an attractive provider of goods and services, but above all, an extraordinary place to invest.

Guatemala has a strong cultural heritage, fruit of our shared Mayan and European legacy; a population that is mostly young, tourist destinations capable of leaving you breathless, all combined with robust electric and telecommunications infrastructure; with a modern city and the largest market in the Central American region.

Guatemala is a country that exceeds expectations. It is modern, avant-garde, happy and welcoming. To mention some of its characteristics, Guatemala is a business center with flight connections to the major cities of the world and human talent recognized by their ability, creativity and great vocation to serve others.

Stable connectivity and the skills of Guatemalans have permitted the development of digital transformation solutions for companies around the world. Guatemala has exceeded expectations, because it provides friendly service and top quality, for its wide offer of products and services.

Guatemala is a country with numerous facets, which include, firstly, its ancient and rich history, which has produced a meeting point for different lifestyles that share the desire to walk towards the future based on a democratic model of Government. It is, as well, a country with a common vision in the possibilities that can arise from its population and territory, and a legal system that seeks stability and contributes towards the generation of business possibilities.

For over three decades, Guatemala has been able to work, expand and enrich a model of an inclusive, open and tolerant nation; aimed towards business development, entrepreneurship and large markets that demand products and services our country is capable of providing. Guatemala is at turning point in which it must build-up all efforts aimed towards improving its internal capabilities.
As several studies have pointed out, Guatemala is one of the countries with the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world. This impulse towards entrepreneurship is one of the strengths the country has, which facilitates carrying-out different businesses and the preparation of human resources.

In addition, the business organization has reached a high degree of sophistication and development, with several fully established private chambers that promote support and training programs for their members, and that are represented in a centralized body that is very influential on the national scene.

Three decades of democratic consolidation and economic openness have made Guatemala a country that is very open towards attracting investments and capital, looking to take advantage of the existing human and natural resources, the proximity to large markets and the connection facilities to more distant places that seek the quality of what the country produces.

Guatemala is characterized by its ability to do business. Its inhabitants have a friendly and serious reception to those people who come into our country to invest and promote development.

Thanks to its distance, logistics and natural characteristics, as well as its cultural wealth, Guatemala has become a favorable country for investment.

Guatemala exceeds expectations, we invite you to come here and be part of this great experience.

Guatemala awaits you