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Empresa  de café liderada por mujeres figura entre las 10 mejores marcas para comprar online

Coffee company headed by women is among the top 10 brands to buy online

The Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of the 10 best coffee brands to buy online, according to professionals from the coffee industry. 

As such, we are beaming with pride that the Guatemalan brand Chica Bean, a member of the AGEXPORT Differentiated Coffee Committee, shines a light on our country through its delicious and aromatic coffee.

From organic Italian blends to rare single origins, these beans deserve your attention and a place in your coffee supply.

Special brands of roasters in Guatemala, Germany, and other countries can help you break out of your basic coffee rut.

According to the article: “Americans drink nearly 150 billion cups of coffee a year, and while the thousands of brands to choose from can feel dizzying, branching out from your usual beans can enhance your whole coffee experience.”

To pinpoint the best—from anywhere in the world—that you can order online, we tapped eight experts from a variety of locales for guidance. 

Chica Bean – Guatemala

Our experts praised this medium roast’s balance of dark chocolate with dried stone fruit and its full-bodied finish, and the all-women company was name checked by two of our experts, in part for its farmer-first focus.

“Chica Bean not only sources, roasts and ships directly from women producers in Guatemala, it also offers them industry training and support to help them improve quality, improve their pricing and get a wider stage to other buyers,” says Ever Meister, host of Sprudge Media’s “In Good Taste” podcast and author of “New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History.”

The farmer-roasted focus allows for these purchases to leave a higher percentage of earnings at origin countries, promotes sustainable practices and provides better incomes to coffee producers, adds Giselle Barrera Carias, the El Salvador-based program manager of Grounds for Empowerment, a specialty coffee program that supports female coffee farmers.

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