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Frutas y vegetales de Guatemala los favoritos de los consumidores internacionales

Fruit and vegetables from Guatemala favorites for international consumers

One of the challenges facing consumers today is that they want to eat more healthily. According to analysts from the AGEXPORT Market Intelligence Unit, this is the result of the COVID19 pandemic, when consumers began to prioritize their health.

Since then, the global market has reacted, and new forms of selling began to be seen, offering traditional products in canned presentations that will be attractive to the average consumer as a healthy, convenient and quality option.

“In 2020, the processed fruit and vegetable market represented US$280 billion globally, showing an average annual growth rate of 7% compared to the previous year. Vegetables occupy around 75% of this market, with a limited variation that presents opportunities for diversification”, commented the head of Market Intelligence of the Market Development and Commercial Promotion Unit of AGEXPORT, Jacobo Pieters.

Analyzing the countries and innovations in launches of canned foods derived from fruits or vegetables, we can see the United States has a rate of 50% of represented canned good. It should be noted that in recent years, countries such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina have shown interest in these products, reinforcing a trend in Latin America for the consumption of frozen fruit-based snacks.

A growth of 21% was registered in Guatemalan exports of fruit preparations compared to 2020, this is equivalent to US$19 million of net growth, while in exports of legumes and vegetables preparations, 15% was registered compared to the same period last year resulting in US$7 million of net growth.

Pieters also referred to Guatemalan success stories such as: the company Conservas y Congelado Ya Está, S.A. who export more than 36 different products in canned format to serve nostalgic markets internationally. This company positions Guatemalan ethnic products on the international palate, successfully adapting to the latest market trends.

The Product intelligence service of the Market intelligence unit of AGEXPORT allows for the awareness of relevant factors to facilitate the foray into a new market and allows real-time monitoring of the new launches by the competition, so that all companies can innovate with and improve their incursion strategy. Learn more about this service by writing to [email protected]

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