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Productos de cuidado personal hechos en Guatemala conquistan el mercado masculino mundial

 Personal care products made in Guatemala conquer the global male market

In recent years, personal care has ceased to be exclusive to women and it has now been perceived that men are increasingly investing more in personal care, seeking to improve and highlight their appearance, resorting to aesthetic treatments and the purchase of products developed specifically for them.

The personal care trend in men extends to practically all ages and socioeconomic levels, since both adolescents and middle-aged men expressed interest in maintaining a healthy image. In addition, the preferred purchase channel is through digital platforms; showing that the personal care and beauty products sector had an increase in natural care due to the increase in time in enclosed spaces, in front of screens and with face masks, leading exports from the cosmetic and hygiene industry to represent 3.13% of Guatemala’s total exports as of December of 2021.

“In the AGEXPORT Cosmetics and Hygiene Commission we have a range of products for the national and export markets, with lines specifically developed for the needs and new habits of men. For example, we have partner companies that sell their elite products for men through Amazon, which are redefining men’s care by offering products made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, without fragrances, parabens and dyes, eco-friendly, free of animal cruelty, vegan and for all skin needs, which opens new markets while satisfying demanding markets in the region”, commented the Coordinator of the AGEXPORT Cosmetics and Hygiene Commission, Melissa Corzo.

It should be noted that this market is concentrated in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic; As such, Central America currently represents 76% of Guatemalan exports in cosmetics and hygiene products, while the United States represents 2%.

Among the products that are in greatest demand among men are moisturizing creams for after shaving, facial cleansers with moisturizers and antioxidants such as the Skin & Berries company line; styling gel and pomades, post-shave balms that relieve irritation or scented antibacterial gel from Black Bull Mencare and shaving cream, special shampoos and perfumes from the Makenna by Saúl line.

As of December 2021, the value exported for the cosmetic and hygiene industry was USD$425,437,938, which represents an increase of 15% compared to the USD$371,184,816 million exported as of December 2020.

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