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Alianza Mayorista exceeds the expectations of international consumers with its manufactured products

Alianza Mayorista is one of the most important companies in Guatemala. Its products are sold in 10 countries.

Alianza Mayorista is a company that offers superior quality products and services for the home and family. It has grown thanks to innovation in innovative and first-rate manufacturing products.

“It is a source of pride for the brand to have high-quality Guatemalan manufacturing, we are in a highly competitive market, therefore part of our export trajectory is based on three basic principles: Innovation, disruption and consumer knowledge,” said Alejandro Toledo, Director of the board of directors of Alianza Mayorista.

For Alianza Mayorista, the consumer is the one who guides the improvement of its processes and the development of new products. Its goal is always to exceed consumer expectations, but not only that… “consumers may have economic limitations, but that is not why they lower their expectations,” Toledo highlighted.

With this in mind, this Guatemalan company dedicated itself to developing products that always live up to what its customers expect, at prices that everyone can afford. This is their mission, and one that is appreciated throughout Guatemala and in different parts of the world.

“What makes our company so relevant in the international market is the search for excellence, derived from the fact that we guarantee that everything we do complies with the quality standards of the industry, in addition, we use first class machinery throughout production”, revealed the Director of the Board of Directors of Alianza Mayorista.

This was one of the goals that were set at its conception and over time its vision became a reality by taking its products through different channels around the world.

“Today we not only distribute, we reach more than 160,000 points of sale in the region thanks to the work of our more than 400 collaborators, in addition, we offer our own brands and 150 products in the categories of paper, family care, home care, and most recently, baby care for the local and international market”, explained Toledo.

Currently, consumers in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Belize, among other countries, can find Alianza Mayorista items at very competitive prices at more than 160,000 points of sale.

An export dream that emerged more than a decade ago

In 2013 the export dream of Alianza Mayorista began, overcoming difficulties…

“We had several challenges to overcome, because we had to practically arrive with a box full of dreams and products to each place to look for those clients,” recalls Alejandro.

It was not an easy path… “We understood that we had the capacity to reach other countries… We wanted to export, but we did not know how… but it was there that AGEXPORT played a very important role in becoming exporters because they taught us to identify target markets, this opened up the doors of the world to achieve what is now a reality”, revealed Toledo.

“Thanks to the support of AGEXPORT, today we have a mission: to support the development of the country and give opportunities to other businessmen who want to do the same as Alianza Mayorista and reach other markets.”

After more than 10 years of effort and dedication, Alianza Mayorista is one of the ambassador companies of the Guatemala Beyond Expectations Movement.

“We needed a movement in which we could express our principles and values and our mission as a company, and in Guatemala Beyond Expectations we managed to make this movement an excellent platform to show the world what Guatemala offers, and particularly what the company has, to position us in each market and to each consumer” highlighted Toledo.

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