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Marca icónica de Guatemala cumple 60 años de llevar el Crunch chapín

Iconic Guatemalan brand celebrates 60 years of providing Chapín Crunch

Tortrix has been a Guatemalan product, and icon of Guatemala, for more than 60 years, and to celebrate it is promoting a competition to reward their customers for their choice, incentivising them to help to keep Guatemala’s history, culinary culture, and everything that makes Guatemala unique, alive.

For this reason, Crunch Chapín is celebrating big style, with the “Tortrix ¡Se peló!” promotion in which Guatemalans could strike lucky, winning instant prizes and entering the 1million Quetzal draw.

“This year the Chapín brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary, we are very happy to be able to celebrate this milestone in history by inviting Chapines to relive their memories, enjoying the unique flavor of TorTrix”, reported Paola Salomón, Manager of the Local Brands of Frito Lay in the Caribbean and Central America.

The promotion began on May 9 and will end on June 30, 2022. All packets contain prizes, in which participants will find strips detailing instant prizes such as cash, discounts for Pollo Campero, among others. By entering the codes to tortrixguate.com they enter the draw for one million Quetzals.

Tortrix, Guatemalan Pride

One of the Guatemalan flavors that has stuck around for decades is Tortrix. The wide range of confectionery on the market has not displaced the characteristic taste of these small corn flakes.
The unique “bitesize snack”, which has accompanied several generations, was created by José René Menéndez Martínez, an active businessman who died on August 22, 2007.
At the end of the 1950s, he met Alberto and Martín Mishán, owners of the Peter Pan chewing gum factory. They showed him machinery that they were not using and suggested that he repair it and form a partnership. This is how the Tip Top potato chips factory was born.
And thus he had entered the food industry. He made a trip to the United States where he met Isidoro Filler, who taught him how to make cheese curls and pork rinds before returning to Guatemala to apply this knowledge. The next step was to make a corn-based product that he called Tortrix. He used a mixture of flours and seasonings. The name is based on the English word trick (tricks, in plural), and “tor” for tortillas.
Instead of using the exact word, he kept only the phoneme and changed the spelling to “trix”. The combination means tortilla tricks.
*information from Elcrunchchapin.com

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