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Ahora es más fácil volar hacia la tierra de la felicidad en Guatemala

Now it’s easier to fly to Guatemala, the land of happiness

The flagship airline of the nation and of the Mayan World, Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos (TAG Airlines) is strengthening its aerial connectivity, in alliance with the Institute for Recreation for Private Company Workers (Instituto de Recreación de los Trabajadores de la Empresa Privada -IRTRA) to operationalize flights to the Land of Happiness.

The start of operations of the new Guatemala-Retalhuleu air route will unite two cities with high potential for tourism as of June 22, 2022, highlighting that tourism and aviation are two strategic sectors which can promote the development of Guatemala.

 “Retalhuleu has become a highly relevant travel destination in Guatemala, which favors local and foreign inbound tourism, due to its endearing nature, archaeological sites, beaches, and the emblematic parks operated by IRTRA. The joint work will bring travelers closer to the main tourist destinations in Retalhuleu, creating employment opportunities and economic development for the industry”, reported Marcela Toriello, President of TAG Airlines.

World-class amusement parks in Guatemala

Guatemala City and Retalhuleu are icons of our country due to their combination of history, landscapes, attractions and unique entertainment options, and as such this connection creates a bridge for local and world travelers to enjoy the culture, traditions and gastronomy from the different regions of Guatemala; allowing for the shortening of travel times, and the bringing together of both people and companies. This achievement has included the support and commitment of various institutions in the tourism sector.

TAG Airlines will have a daily flight itinerary to the destination of Retalhuleu, at a rate of US$99, where travelers will get to know the world-class attractions of IRTRA in hotels, but above all with the Xetulul Amusement Parks, Aquatic Xocomil and Xejuyup adventures.

“This mutual effort to develop the arrival of visitors by air, between IRTRA, which provides the attractions, and TAG Airlines, which provides the air transport service, represents an opportunity to shorten travel times so that more time can be enjoyed in destiny”, highlighted Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IRTRA.

In addition, in the future this alliance will allow the opportunity to connect with visitors from Central America, especially from El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica, as well as with several cities in Mexico.

In recent months, TAG Airlines, a partner company of the AGEXPORT Sustainable Tourism Commission, has carried out intense work to expand routes and partner with different sectors, which has decisively contributed to achieving new opportunities for the benefit of tourism and trade.

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