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Esta es Guatemala

This is Guatemala!

The ancient cultural heritage and the warmth and quality of its people make Guatemala a different country that is moving towards the future.

In Guatemala there are the most vigorous and populated urban centers in Central America; It is the largest economy in the region, where investors and capital from large productive sectors converge. The country is the ideal link for commercial relations with North and South America and among other major economic areas of the world, as it borders Mexico and is only three hours from the United States by air.

Guatemala is a land with beautiful and varied landscapes, possessing a great number of climates that make it suitable for a huge number of investment possibilities and visits.

With a land area of ​​108,889 km2, it is a country where several cultures and languages ​​converge and coexist, where Spanish is the official language and English is the language of business.

Guatemala is divided into 22 departments and 340 municipalities, a territory in which barely 420 kilometers separate the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.



US $ 78,461.7 millions, Guatemala’s nominal PIB in 2018

US $ 4,534.8 million, Guatemala’s PIB per capita in 2018

3.2% PIB growth in 2018.


US $ 78,461.7 million, 16.3 million, is the number of inhabitants of Guatemala.


27.5% is the early entrepreneurship rate, the second highest in the world.


US $ 1,031.5 million in Foreign Direct Investment received the country in 2018. In the country there are 22 runways and two international airports: La Aurora International Airport, in Guatemala City, and Mundo Maya, in Petén (500 kilometers north of Guatemala City). Two seaports: Santo Tomas de Castilla and Quetzal.


US $ 10,969 million added to exports in 2018. US $ 19,734.3 million were imports in 2018.