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Se estrena la película “ Gol de plata”

The movie “Silver Goal” is released

Juan Carlos Plata is one of the emblematic former players that our country has.

How to forget the historic goal of “El Pin Plata” against the then world champion: Brazil on February 5 during the 1998 Gold Cup.

In addition, he is the top scorer for the Municipal Club and is considered by some to be the best player in Guatemalan history to date, as he holds the record for the most goals scored.

A Guatemalan boy who fulfilled his dreams

To capture the life of this former player and show us that dreams can come true.

On September 15, 2022, the movie “Gol de Plata” was released in theaters, which seeks to show the different stages that Juan Carlos went through to achieve his professional and personal goals.

The director of the film, Kenneth Müller mentioned that it was created for the whole family, and that he hopes it will be well received by the Guatemalan public. The movie will also be able to be seen in 40 theaters in the country.

“That challenge of playing a person you don’t know, who is the most important part of this character (referring to Juan Carlos Plata) has been a great challenge, but it was wonderful and Kenneth helped me step by step.” Marta Elena mentions, who played Josefina, Silver’s mother.

On the other hand, Juan Carlos Plata emphasizes that the film is based on how the goal scored during the Gold Cup marked his life; this is a story that seeks to create a positive impact among Guatemalan youth.

El Pin, together with the film’s production team, will visit several regions of the country where they will also screen the film and autograph signings will be held.

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