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Industria de acuicultura y pesca de Guatemala continúa con estándares de calidad mundial 

Guatemalan aquaculture and fishing industry continues with world quality standards

Mipymes partners of the AGEXPORT Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector are trained and advised on the management and control of emerging diseases in farmed shrimp.

AGEXPORT’s Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector, with the support of the Mipymes y Cooperativas + Competitivas (MCC+) Project financed by the European Union and ARECA, provided specialized advice to the MiPymes members of the Sector for 7 days. In addition, they participated in training on the management and control of emerging diseases in shrimp farming. This project aims to advise shrimp farming companies on disease management and propose control practices in their operations.

On August 1, the consultancy began with a Training on: “Experience of Managing Shrimp Diseases in Asia and How to Control Them”, which was given by PhD. David Kawahigashi from the United States, who has 40 years of technical and management experience in all phases of shrimp aquaculture, as well as in the design and implementation of intensive and multiphase production systems.

“With these activities we seek to strengthen the technical capacities of our associates and thus improve productivity in shrimp farms and maintain their products in international markets,” said the Manager of the AGEXPORT Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector, María Olga Menéndez.

From August 1 to 6, technical consultancies were carried out in each shrimp farm, which are located in: Sipacate and Itztapa, Escuintla; Champerico, Retalhuleu and Monterrico and Las Lisas, Santa Rosa. These consultancies will also be under the charge of Dr. Kawahigashi.

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