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Corporación Multi Inversiones invertirá US$ 1.8 mil millones en Centroamérica

 Corporación Multi Inversiones will invest US$ 1.8 billion in Central America

In order to continue reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development with an impact in the 16 countries in which it operates and, as part of its investment plan for the next three years, Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) will invest around US$1.8 billion to be allocated for the generation of employment, improvement of infrastructure, innovation and social projects.

Of this total amount, CMI Alimentos will invest US$1 billion, of which US$480 million will be used for projects and capacity building in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

“Guided by our purpose of feeding the world to fill it with well-being, we are proud to announce this news that positively impacts the economies of the countries where we operate, our company and our entire value chain. Today, we share with the public the largest investment that CMI has made in its entire history, as a result of the efforts of the more than 40,000 employees that are part of this great family,” said José Gregorio Baquero, CEO of CMI Alimentos.

This investment seeks to strengthen the company’s value chain in infrastructure, technology, innovation and sustainability. This way, CMI strengthens its capacities in competitive environments and markets, characterized by free trade agreements that promote commercial exchange, and that are open to investments by those who want to generate economic value, social and environmental well-being.

With this investment, CMI will not only promote the multiple products and services it offers but will also add new jobs to the more than 40,000 direct and 160,000 indirect jobs it currently generates, to provide new opportunities for development and well-being.

CMI Alimentos will expand its protein business in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras with the opening of new fattening poultry farms, expansion of incubation and reproduction farms, growth in the capacity of poultry processing plants, new sausage lines, the expansion of its warehouses and the improvement of their logistics, storage and distribution processes. It will also expand the production capacity of the pasta and biscuit plants, as well as balanced food for animals and pets.

Likewise, it will allocate resources to grow its well-known brands in the Central American region and Mexico, such as Pollo Campero, Pollo Granjero, Don Pollo and Pizza Siciliana. In the United States, with an investment of almost US$190 million, Pollo Campero plans to open more than 100 new restaurants.

CMI Capital will also invest in real estate development projects to continue providing decent housing, safe public spaces, well-being and development to local communities, through commercial spaces that promote the growth of small and medium businesses.

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