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Gaby Moreno, produce su nuevo disco en Guatemala

Gaby Moreno produces her new album in Guatemala

We are very proud of our Guatemalan talent, be it through the medium of voice, art, performances or more.

Among our most recognized Guatemalans worldwide is the singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno who recently presented her children’s album “Zona Neón, cantando juntos” (“Neon Zone, singing together” in English).

This production had the support of Yahaira Tubac (piano), Pedro Tubac (violin) and the students of the Degree in Composition and Musical Production, from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG).

Gaby Moreno, as UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador, is working as executive producer on her new album. This album seeks to support children in their growth and development, especially in the crucial stages of their lives: early childhood and adolescence.

“Zona Neón, cantando juntos” is made up of ten songs and covers topics related to children’s rights, nutrition and care for the environment with inspiring lyrics such as: Singing Together, Be Positive, Long Live Friendship, and My Planet, among others. The album will be delivered to all Comprehensive Child Development Community Centers (CECODII) in the country.

These centers are run by the Ministry of Education, are supported by UNICEF and benefit more than 12,000 girls and boys under the age of four.

Her inspiration for this album is “by children for children”.

“I produced it with a team of UVG students and the support of Nico Farias, professor of the Musical Production course. The idea was to compose songs that boys and girls could sing, dance to, and at the same time, that were educational. The songs teach the importance of nutrition, of friendship, of having fun, of playing; such important and fundamental things for childhood. The album is aimed at children and adolescents from all over the world”, Moreno told UVG.

What importance do you think it has for Guatemala that there are courses in Music Composition and Production like the one at UVG?

“It is important to have these courses in Guatemala. When I was a teenager and graduated from high school, this major did not exist. For me it would have been a dream to work in production and even, as a woman, to see that the possibility to enter this world exists for women: Only 2% of women are producers or sound engineers. This is something that must be changed and that we are changing little by little. It gives me great joy and excitement to see that these majors exist and that more women are entering these careers.”

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