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From Guatemala to the World

From the very beginning, AGEXPORT was born with the idea of positioning Guatemala to the entire world and displaying the flavors, scents and colors that are produced in this country.

The Guatemalan Exporters Association was founded in 1982 with the objective of introducing high-quality products made by small, medium and large companies, as well as rural producers, to the entire world. The association is driven by people who inspire, overcome barriers, work hard to reach their goals and fight to set Guatemala up high.

Joining top-quality talent with business leaders, the association started by incentivizing the participation of Guatemalan businesses in trade promotion platforms and international fairs; as well as establishing academic and public-private alliances.

Over the years, the association’s achievements include establishing important international businesses, starting integrated business supply chains, attracting multi-industry cooperation and helping several companies to comply with labor and environmental regulations.

It also has clearly defined all public and private actions needed to boost all exporting industries.
Each year, Guatemalan products and services reach more countries, thanks to the support offered by AGEXPORT to all companies.

Furthermore, the country’s exports have been growing steadily in recent years, reaching more than US$ 10.45 billion on 2016

AGEXPORT’s main goal is to guarantee a full satisfaction of all its members, offering services like business opportunities, representation in different national and international forums; in addition to involving them in different important alliances.

It has also focused on easing exporting processes by establishing strategic alliances with government authorities, expediting procedures and reducing times.

The institution is divided into six exporting sectors, which join together business leaders from 26 different working commissions of specific exporting activities.
It also works to boost the country’s international competitiveness through reducing their energy and transportation costs, focusing on other important fiscal, customs, logistics, trade and labor topics.

All these, with the main objective of increasing all companies’ revenues and promoting higher exports for the country.

Through the Foreign Trade School, created in 1992, AGEXPORT has trained more than 85 thousand people and furthered their knowledge in trade topics, with specialized programs designed to attend the needs of exporters.

Due to its values and faith in the capacities and effort of Guatemalan businessmen and women, the Association has become a leader for Guatemala to reach all its economic potential through exports.