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Aquaculture based on technology spread across large markets

The Guatemalan aquaculture and fishing industries are characterized by having high-tech sectors that generate products with high added value, high quality standards and food safety, which make them very attractive in international markets.

The products generated by this Sector have managed to make an incursion and satisfy the consumers of the most demanding markets such as the European Union, United States, Mexico, Taiwan, among others. The industry is subject to strict official control and monitoring programs in the field of food safety, animal health and traceability to export their products.

Most of the companies in the Sector have international certifications about their production processes such as Best Aquaculture Practices / Global Aquaculture Alliance, Global Gap. For this they require strict environmental sustainability schemes, food safety, animal health and welfare, and corporate social responsibility.

The aquaculture and fishing industry are at the forefront due to the strong investment in the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, which make its processes more efficient and increase its competitiveness.

The products of this sector are coveted by the demanding and insatiable palates of consumers in international markets thanks to their quality, food safety and innovative presentations. Additionally, these products are attractive due to the growing scientific evidence of consuming foods of high nutritional value and of benefit for the consumer’s health.

Some of the major challenges the aquaculture and fishing sector in Guatemala are: improving technology, increasing productivity and expanding its range of products with greater added value, in order to achieve greater consolidation. The Aquaculture Symposium in Guatemala 2020 is also a huge challenge that will help to consolidate this Sector.

AGEXPORT Industries of the Aquaculture and Fishing Sector in 2017 exported:

Mahi Mahi is one of the highly demanded species in international markets.

Exports of tuna in 2017 US$38.49 millions
(Source: AGEXPORT Aquaculture and Fishing Sector)