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Agricultural Green Awakening

Guatemala has 360 microclimates that allow a wide range of agricultural products to be exported from this territory

In the last three decades, the Guatemalan agricultural export sector has achieved an important position as a provider of first-class fruits and vegetables to markets such as the United States, European Union, Asia and Latin America. However, everyone is aware that the world is evolving and becoming more technological; and agriculture is part of this.

The agricultural division with its daily work brings market opportunities, the necessary financing and the best technologies to Guatemalan producers, members of cooperatives, producer groups, micro-enterprises, farms, agricultural services, food companies, among others, it also increases their competitiveness and productivity and facilitates the access of these products to international markets.

The agricultural industry seeks to apply new processes and knowledge to expand the production of crops in specific areas that have special conditions in order to increase productivity, safety and quality.

This sector brings together entrepreneurs who grow and trade with traditional and non-traditional products, which seek to encourage a change in the ancestral production culture, modernize processes and obtain more international orders.

The incorporation of technologies has prompted major changes in the sector. It is expected that, in the short term, Guatemalan agriculture can achieve an even greater technological take-off.

The sector has consolidated a solid basis in the rural area of Guatemala and it has trained and educated as many farmers as possible, potential producers and domestic and foreign investors.