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Shrimp, Messengers that cross oceans and exceed expectations

Aquaculture creates important spaces in the production of food, where shrimp stands out as a healthy, nutritious and tasty protein enjoyed by the most demanding palates in the world.

Guatemala is a country that produces large amounts of shrimp, using intensive production systems that are sustainable, efficient and friendly with the environment and its ecosystems.

Acuamaya continuously improves its production processes and models, through its research and development efforts and the incorporation of new technologies for over 35 years now. For this reason, Acuamaya has become a Guatemalan ambassador for shrimp farming to the world.

Acuamaya, controls the whole production process of shrimp, starting from the development of their genetic families of post larvae, with techniques and cutting edge technology.

Additionally, Acuamaya, implements and promotes the complete traceability of shrimp production, given that each exported box contains a label with the specific information of the product, which has allowed it to gain the trust of its customers around the world. In addition, its processes guarantee the quality of its products to satisfy their most demanding customers.

Each kilo of shrimp exported by Acuamaya, with its brands Tikal® and Crystal Ponds® exalts the name of Guatemala, which makes its team of collaborators proud, especially because other countries are learning about the positive attributes of our beautiful country, its great people and products and potential development opportunities.

Guatemala shrimp is darker due to the color of its volcanic soil, rich in minerals, which makes a difference in regards to flavor and allows it to compete with the best suppliers in the world.

Acuamaya, has become a leading company that maintains strong and reliable relationships with its customers, which boosts the image of the aquaculture industry at a national level, generating economic development and employment in the country’s rural communities.

Guatemala is a privileged country, with outstanding people who exceeded expectations, and the perfect place to generate new projects and make them grow.

Acuamaya has worked in the improvement of its production processes and models, as well as in research and development for over 35 years. For this reason, Acuamaya, has become a Guatemalan ambassador to the world.