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Guatemala es un país joven ya que su población no supera los 30 años; Según el censo población evidenció que ya somos 18 millones de habitantes y para el 2032, se espera que la población alcance los 26 millones de habitantes. 

An alliance to promote formal employment for young Guatemalans is created

Guatemala is a young country, owing to the fact that its population does not exceed 30 years; According to the population census, it was shown that there are already 18 million inhabitants in this bracket, and by 2032, this number is expected to reach 26 million inhabitants.

To create conditions to improve employability conditions for young people in Guatemala, an alliance was created between the Committee of Young New Gen Exporters of AGEXPORT, Young Guatemalans of CentraRSE and Nestlé.

“This alliance is undoubtedly of great importance to open more and better opportunities for young Guatemalans who have a lot of potential and need work experience to obtain a formal job. The AGEXPORT Young Exporters Committee is committed to continuing with our mission, which is to make Guatemala an exporting country,” said the president of NewGen, Luis Pedro Solares.

This project, in addition to having the aim of making efforts to create opportunities that contribute to maximizing social impact and closing gaps, seeks to promote youth employability and entrepreneurship in Guatemala through alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, placing special emphasis on decent work and economic growth, and partnerships to achieve these goals.

This alliance will has committed itself to 5 main axes, which will begin with:

1. The implementation of work tables for youth employability, in which 1 or 2 representatives of the participating companies can commit to, which will be released by CentraRSE, to design a roadmap and commitments aligned to the principles of decent work and economic growth.

2. The creation and opening of more opportunities for young people such as internships, work experience, scholarships and training or apprenticeship positions to give those interested the opportunity to acquire work experience that ensures a better link between the company and the educational sector.

 3. The signatory entities will assume the commitment to act as ambassadors of the Alliance and promote it with their commercial partners, public institutions and related associations or unions.

4. At least once a year, all the Members of the Alliance will meet to analyze the execution of the respective plans and delve into the principles and objectives of the initiative.

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