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Hidroeléctrica Renace aporta a una educación de calidad en Alta Verapaz

Hidroeléctrica Renace contributes to quality education in Alta Verapaz

To improve quality of education, Hidroeléctrica Renace, through its Excelencia Educativa (Educational Excellence) sustainable social development program, has invested in actions that strengthen the Educational System of 25 communities in San Pedro Carchá.

As a result of permanent dialogue and collaborative work between the company and the community, needs are prioritized year after year. Since 2012, more than 4,200 students and 125 teachers from the 26 Official Mixed Rural Schools, 10 National Basic Education Institutes and 2 National Diversified Education Institutes from the 25 communities where it is developed, benefit annually from the Excelencia Educativa program. 

Focused on promoting opportunities for technological learning, Hidroeléctrica Renace, throughout this period, has set up 2 Technological Classrooms, in Sacsí Chiyó and in Chiacam; 3 Technological Centers, in Sejalal, Chicuis and Chiguarrom; Technological support has been given in Sacrab and Xicacao, as well as the provision of 7 virtual libraries with computer equipment and software to primary education establishments in: Santa María Julhá, Chirrequim, Chiacam, Sacsí Chiyó, Sacsí Chitaña, Santo Domingo Raxnam and Xalitzul. It is scheduled to enable 3 Technological Centers in Bancab, Chiquisis and Chirrequim in 2022.

The implementation of its Excelencia Educativa program has allowed academic advancement to increase by 2% and school re-enrollment by 1%. It was also possible for the rate of young people who study to increase by 1,067%.

Hidroeléctrica Renace belongs to Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) and makes impact investments that promote sustainable social development, which respond to the comprehensive strategy of shared value that Renace implements in neighboring communities to improve social indicators and support compliance with the Objectives of Sustainable Development. In 2022 they continue to develop projects and initiatives together with the community, as a result of permanent dialogue in search of the social development of San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz.

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