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Guatemalan Digital Talent Shines in International markets

Guatemalan entrepreneurs have found in Innovation and creativity the perfect combination to achieve important growth in the software development industry in only five years.

To name an example, the president of the Guatemalan Software Exports Commission (SOFEX) Devadit Barahona highlights that in 2016 the country sold more than US$135 million in products and services of this industry. This, due to the country’s strategic location, its human talent and the approval of important laws to boost these companies.

“There are new projects being started every day. We are always greatly surprised that more and more companies decide to outsource their software production, giving us the opportunity to better suit their needs”, said Mr. Barahona.

Software companies have identified clients in industries like banking, tourism and sports, and have been able to cover their needs by offering high-technology tools.

One of the key elements of the country for this industry is the people’s neutral accent to offer customer support to other countries, especially in English. Being the United States a strong economic power, our closeness to that market has also been an asset.

“Our natural market is Mexico, is the country where most of us look into”, states Mr. Barahona.
For 2017, the industry expects to reach a 9% growth in exports. It also foresees to create as much as 5 to 6 thousand new jobs per year, which would be higher-paying jobs compared to other industries. One key advantage that the country offers for these firms is the ‘demographic bonus’, as Guatemala is a country with an important youth proportion, which stand out for their creativity.

Another relevant factor is Guatemala’s legislation, as it eases the doing business for software exporting companies and boost their competitiveness. Innovation is another topic to display. At least two times each semester, the country launches new additional products that seek to give additional benefits for clients.