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Toledo celebrates 50 years of history

Toledo celebrates 50 years of being one of the preferred consumer brands, bringing its traditional flavor and unique quality to families.

Since the beginning of 1972, Toledo, one of the representative brands of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) has positioned itself as a company that creates food solutions through a wide range of products, from sausages to pre-prepared products.

“These 50 years of Toledo have been thanks to the preference of our consumers, clients, buyers and our team that works with passion to offer quality products and solutions. We have permeated the hearts of our consumers, bringing practicality and moments of flavor to their tables,” said Alejandra López, Toledo Marketing Manager.

Toledo is present in several countries in the region such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and recently Costa Rica.

New Image

As part of the 50-year celebration, Toledo presented its new image, with mothers being the protagonists of its campaign to convey the love that it has inherited throughout its history and the confidence the brand has in the flavor that they offer.

“For Toledo, the most important thing is the loyalty of our consumers. We have achieved this by evolving and innovating over the years, without losing our essence,” said López.

Toledo was selected as part of the “Lovemarks” in Central America, for its positioning at the regional level, thanks to its variety of products and the preference of its consumers.

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