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República Dominicana conoce la oferta exportable de Guatemala

The Dominican Republic gets to know Guatemala’s exportable supply 

Plastics for gardens, containers, home and baskets, food products such as snow peas, green beans, baby carrots, avocado, fried plantains, snacks, chips and products for laboratories such as plastic bags, caps, packaging sliders, agro-industrial products and others, were part of the exportable offer that Guatemala presented at the HUB Cámara de Santo Domingo fair in the Dominican Republic from September 06 to 08, 2022.

As a result, AGEXPORT formed a delegation of 10 Guatemalan companies that were present at the 5th edition of HUB Cámara de Santo Domingo, the largest multi-sector trade exhibition in the Caribbean under the Business to Business (B2B) format, and which was held from September 6 to 8, 2022.

“AGEXPORT is present at this international fair in which we have made an evaluation of the Dominican market to identify the export potential to this destination, and with this visit we estimated the generation of 90 business appointments with Guatemalan exporters and Dominican businessmen and representatives,” said Paola Álvarez, Manager of the Department of Market Development and Promotion. AGEXPORT commercial.

Among the companies that participated on behalf of AGEXPORT are TTPMarketing/Technology Product Performance S.A; SEAL Specialized Customs Services and Logistics; megaexport; Faxel towels; Creación Sociedad Anónima; EDISUR; UNISPICE; Veguarc; Fibrasol and Polyproducts of Guatemala S.A.

Export data between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic

The AGEXPORT Market Intelligence Unit highlights that in 2021 Guatemalan exports to the Dominican Republic were US$199 million with a growth of 24% (US$38 million) compared to other years.

Among the main high quality products made in Guatemala that are exported to this Caribbean country are:

• Cereal-based preparations with a growth of 16% (US$21 million)

• Detergents and Soaps with a growth of 18% (US$20 million)

• Pharmaceutical products with a growth of 13% (US$17.7 million).

This market continues to be attractive to the information technology services sector, laboratories and creative industries talent.

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