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“Grafiti Tejido”, concientiza en el día mundial de las personas con Sordoceguera

“Grafiti Tejido”, raises awareness on the International Day of deafblindness

For the second consecutive year, FUNDAL joins the international “Grafiti Tejido” initiative, known in English as Yarn Bombing.

This movement takes place within the framework of the International Day of deafblindness, which is commemorated on June 27 and seeks to raise awareness among the population about this condition and influence the need to have appropriate services for people who live this reality.

This effort, led by Deafblind International (DBI), found a natural ally in Guatemala in FUNDAL, who reported on a series of activities that will take place in June and that seek to communicate, raise awareness and involve Guatemalan society in the social dynamics that life represents for people with deafblindness.

The means used to achieve these objectives is so-called “Yarn Bombing” which is a form of street art where objects in public spaces are wrapped in Tricot (knitted with 2 needles) or Crochet (knitted with one needle). This activity is carried out in more than 20 countries around the world.

Among the activities that will be carried out, the “Turibus” of the Municipality of Guatemala stands out, where the protagonists will be the trees on Reforma Avenue and part of the FUNDAL headquarters, as well as its service centers located in Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango, with fabrics which has been elaborated by families of students, collaborators and FUNDAL volunteers.

“We are very excited to join this global effort for the second consecutive year. One of the senses that increases for people with deafblindness is touch, and the sensation that we all have when touching the embroidered pieces with which the spaces are covered, with our eyes closed, gives us a small idea of the daily life of people who cannot see or hear. In addition, the set of embroidered squares, each with a unique design and colors, represents the concepts of diversity and inclusion very well”, commented Diana Bonilla, Executive Director of FUNDAL.

It was also reported that among the activities to be carried out this month, the organization “Volunteers Friends of FUNDAL” will collect funds in June by selling keychains with balls embroidered with the FUNDAL face for a donation of Q5.00. 

The funds collected will be used for the permanent programs that FUNDAL carries out to serve the population with multiple disabilities and deafblindness.

If you wish to join in supporting the different educational programs for people with multiple disabilities and deafblindness, you can request information at [email protected]

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