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PLANESA S.A recibe el Reconocimiento a la Innovación Agrícola, Gloria Elena Polanco

PLANESA S.A receives the Award for Agricultural Innovation, Gloria Elena Polanco

In order to motivate the constant renewal and innovation of the agricultural sector, the organizers of AGEXPORT’s AGRITRADE Expo & Conference 2022 held the Gloria Elena Polanco 2022 Innovation Award for the second time.

In the recent event, one of the largest agricultural exporting companies, PLANESA S.A., received this recognition, which during the last fifteen years has been dedicated to the production and export of fruit and vegetables.

Currently, it exports more than 50% of Guatemala’s blackberry production to the United States and Europe.

Its success is due to the care and efficiency given to the handling of its products by the staff and the selective group of producers, also complying with good agricultural and manufacturing practices.

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