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“Unpublished Recinos”, a tribute to the emblematic Guatemalan artist Efraín Recinos

The life and work of master Efraín Recinos marked a before and after in Guatemalan society, in its culture and art, thanks to his architectural, sculptural and pictorial interventions that proclaimed him in life as a multifaceted artist, with a long history and great national and international recognition.

Consequently, Cementos Progreso together with Editorials CAPIUSA present “Recinos Inédito” (Unpublished Recinos), a unique and exclusive event to present a compilation of unpublished writings that show a new facet –until very recently unknown– of the emblematic Guatemalan artist.

 “Recinos Inédito” is a compilation of two limited edition books that preserve the essence of the master within their pages. The first consists of a total of 11 short texts, duly illustrated, while the second contains a fictional story entitled “The Portrait”.

“For Cementos Progreso it is an honor to be able to participate in the rescue of an artistic-literary jewel of the great master Efraín Recinos, for the enrichment of our culture and history”, explained José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso.

The important work of the curation of Recinos’ writings was carried out by Editorials CAPIUSA, his contribution within this alliance leaves a work worthy of the artistic value that the author represents for the country and the world.

“In his last years of life, my father explored his facet as a writer and created several short stories with their respective illustrations and a fictional story, which have been saved for more than ten years, but the time has finally come to show them to the world, as the final legacy that he leaves us as an artist”, expressed Lorena Recinos, daughter of the master.

An unforgettable artist who exceeded expectations

Efraín Enrique Recinos Valenzuela was born in Quetzaltenango in 1928, during his long life he contributed enormously to culture, art, architecture and the promotion of cultural and socioeconomic rights in Guatemala.

He studied at the National School of the Arts in Leicester, England, where he honed his innate talents for painting and sculpture. Engineer by profession, graduated from San Carlos University, he used the knowledge of this career to transform, into material, the world of his creative ideas, leaving a legacy of invaluable works, such as the National Theater of Guatemala, home of national and international artists, and an architectural landmark, according to many experts.

Thanks to his intervention in the design and construction of this monument, he was able to be the creator of other public works, among them: the Mural of the Mortgage National Credit Bank and the Mural of the National Library, La Guatemalita, among others.

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