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Guatemalan Coffee

The National Coffee Association (Anacafé) represents all the producers in the country, so that they can market their product and bolster the development of coffee culture from a focus of sustainability based on three main axes: economic, social and environmental. In order to guarantee the prosperity of each actor in the chain and their families, improving their quality of life and conserving the natural resources for future generations.

The association also has an initiative focused on sustainability, and they seek to transfer good practices to coffee producers in coffee production, through their environmental and labor policies. They also offer technical assistance, roasting and sensory laboratory analysis, as well as national and international promotion.

Anacafé promotes the brand Guatemalan Coffees, with special beans from regions and subregions of the country.

Guatemalan Coffees participates in international fairs and promotes the producer’s coffee in the different countries interested in purchasing coffee.

The Cup of Excellence auction, from the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is another of the initiatives promoted by the Association. This tool exposes the local producers’ coffee to a select group of international buyers, members of the program.

To underpin the commitment that Anacafé has with the country, they created the Caficultura para el Desarrollo Rural (Funcafé) Foundation, an initiative that seeks to promote the development in the rural areas and be the social arm of the national coffee industry since 1994.

In 23 years, Funcafé has worked on three pillars: health, education and food security; benefitting 113 thousand families, almost 11 million patients treated and more than 919 thousand students covered.

In 2016, they assisted 66,304 health services for families that belong to the cooperatives and the associations of small coffee producers.

The above mentioned, is only one evidence of the consolidated work for comprehensive sustainability that Anacafé has been promoting for the last 57 years with the end to continue conquering the most demanding palates with the history, aroma and flavor of the best coffee in the world.