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Great manufactured work

The small, medium and large manufacturers and Guatemalan exporters
sell high quality manufactured goods.

The manufacturing sector boosts the Guatemalan economy, since it is one of the main generators of employment and development in rural areas.

The industrial sector has adapted to the world trends. Products ranging from food and healthy beverages, made with natural materials and sustainable packaging, to cosmetics, plastics, handmade items and furniture, which have conquered clients and discerning consumers in the world. The reason is simple to explain: constant work and quality.

Guatemalan designers have incorporated cutting-edge technologies that drive their products internationally to meet the high standards of large markets, thanks to the participation in national and international events.

Joining the digital transformation, interacting with small entrepreneurs and knowing the points of view of large customers have allowed them to adapt to the new trends.

Commercial intelligence, the implementation of environmental programs and social responsibility are other of the fundamental pillars that drives the manufacturing sector. Besides, the incorporation and consolidation of value chains, along with public and academic alliances have improved productivity.

Manufactures focus on innovation, as this is a vital factor to continue with the sector’s momentum, generation of employment and business development. Personal care and healthy foods have strengths that will allow the sector to continue growing.

From Guatemala, great work is made by hand with world-class quality.