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Exporters highlight nearshoring opportunities in Central America

During the V edition of the Regional Export Congress, organized by the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (CADEXCO), around 200 exporters met to address issues related to foreign trade in Central America.

To this end, the exporting private sector organized in the Federation of Chambers and Associations of Exporters of Central America and the Caribbean (FECAEXCA) has become a key actor that has contributed to the economic growth of the region, for which CADEXCO, on the occasion of its 2022 Congress, opened its doors to receive a delegation of exporting businessmen from Guatemala and Nicaragua; as well as the participation in the conference program of the Ministers of Economy of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

Within the framework of this Congress, Directors of the Federation participated in a high-level meeting with the First Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Mr. Stephan Brunner, and members of the Government Cabinet, including the Ministers of Economy, Industry; Trade Labor and Social Security and Foreign Trade, as well as the Board of Directors of CADEXCO and the export sector of Costa Rica.

FECAEXCA participated in the conferences of this Congress, to address issues such as the competitiveness of exports, promotion of economic and social growth to achieve within the framework of the Integration process,  Central America becoming a competitive and integrated region, and opportunities such as nearshoring, business sustainability, innovation.

In addition, the participants commented on the challenges faced by exporters: logistics infrastructure, rise in the price of maritime freight, shortage of containers, increase in the price of raw materials, war between Russia and Ukraine and its repercussions in the region.

“These years have been one of constant change. All this has been a real challenge for the world and of course for Central America. The pandemic made us stronger and left us with lessons, not to be afraid to grow or be disruptive, to be attentive to the signs of the times when they give the warning that opportunities must be taken, innovate, change according to circumstances and move forward ” highlighted Guillermo Montano, President of FECAEXCA and AGEXPORT Guatemala.

«This Congress reaffirms the commitment of FECAEXCA, a very dynamic entity that has united us with the Associations and Chambers, which are dedicated to promoting exports in the Central American region, our alliance is long-standing. As exporters, we believe that exporting is an important path for the development of Central American countries,” detailed the Federation’s press release.

FECAEXCA is comprised of: APEX Panama, FPX Honduras, APEN Nicaragua, CADEXCO Costa Rica, COEXPORT of El Salvador and AGEXPORT Guatemala.

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