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Comprometidos con el desarrollo sostenible

Committed to sustainable development

The incorporation of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental sustainability has improved the competitiveness of local companies, since they are developing innovative business management models.

The Guatemalan business sector works to accelerate the transition to a sustainable model, which focuses on promoting a permanent culture of CSR and effectively contributes to the development of all, which strengthens trust, since an integrated route is followed that provides intangible values ​​to the companies. The objective is to implement good business practices, as well as high ethical values.

The new generations demand a social and environmental commitment, they are responsible consumers and they demand that suppliers be competitive and that they live and practice sustainable policies.

Guatemala works to promote the uniform development of a culture of inclusion based on compliance with and respect for human rights, without distinction.

The Guatemalan business sector is committed to creating responsible and sustainable business models that fully integrate diversity and inclusion, mitigation of climate change, conservation of forests and biodiversity, agricultural technification and food security, through sustainable management of water resources to achieve social, economic and environmental objectives.

Companies and institutions seek to comply with the implementation of the National Development Plan K’atun: Our Guatemala 2032, and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, through national development priorities.

It is about creating a common vision of the country, where diversity represents the richness that builds intercultural relations of coexistence that transform society.

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