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Ciudad colonial se vestirá de perpetuas rosas

Colonial city to be adorned with perpetual roses

To highlight the beauty, magic and sensations offered by the flowers grown in our beautiful country, the Flower Festival will be held again in November 2022 in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

“It will be an event that will fill hearts with spring again. For generations, La Antigua Guatemala has represented the country’s most delicate jewel. She has been a stage witness and muse for thousands of artists and great writers,” the press release highlights.

The Flower Festival is a unique event that takes place annually. This magical show of flowers began in 2017 founded by a team of entrepreneurs, Guatemalan dreamers who love culture and art but above all; “Eternal Spring”.

The world will talk about the Flower Festival. Starting with a flower to fill the asteroid B612 (Flower Festival 2019) with flowers, home of the “Little Prince”. We have painted balconies, streets and doors with colors for more than 6 years. We created a festival full of artists and lots of color, decorating every corner of Antigua Guatemala and turning it into a great work of art.

The Flower Festival has become one of the largest cultural platforms in the country and its growth has been exponential in the last 6 years.

It is an activity for the whole family where more than 70 workshops and 17 exhibitions have been carried out and more than 2,000 artists have appeared on stage.

In 2019, the Month of Flowers was declared in La Antigua Guatemala through a Municipal Agreement, published in the Diario de Centroamérica.

The Festival of Flowers is a tribute to its people, our colors and our Eternal Spring.

Perpetual Roses

La Antigua Guatemala is romantically known for being “The City of Perpetual Roses”, and this title comes from the fact that the predominant flower of all the gardens and flowerbeds of the city has traditionally been, peculiarly, roses.

Guatemala inspires us and together with Banco Industrial we will celebrate these 6 years converted into smiles, it has led us to celebrate our icon of America, our Antigua” which will be inspired by “Las Perpetuas Rosas”.

The theme arose due to the value and romantic nickname of the city, which not only enamours every morning, but hugs you every sunset.

The festival will have different activities from August to November, ending with the exhibition of “Eternal Spring” “Artists of the Shipyard” Iconic Exhibition “Perpetua Rosa”, from November 18 to 20.

For more information: web: www.festivalfloresantigua.com

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