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Industria de Aguacate de Guatemala  que supera expectativas a nivel mundial

Guatemala’s avocado industry is beyond expectations worldwide

The avocado industry in Guatemala has been characterized by the foreign investment potential it offers and its impact on the generation of employment in Guatemala, as well as its positioning in international markets.

An inter-institutional plan to generate 2.5 million good quality jobs by 2030

The Guatemala Moving Forward Plan identified opportunities to increase exports in 20 products already positioned in international markets. AGEXPORT, as part of its vision to make Guatemala an exporting country, is promoting actions for each product to boost their exports. It also prepared the following infographics that highlight the main characteristics of each of the 20 prioritized products. 

The Guatemala Moving Forward Plan has become an unprecedented alliance, in which several sectors and institutions aligned to achieve a common purpose: to achieve foreign investment flows at scale that catalyze economic growth and employment generation with a defined horizon. It is a comprehensive country strategy to reactivate and accelerate the growth of the economy and the generation of opportunities, which includes a roadmap with five work components and agreements signed in each one, established to achieve the objective within 10 years.

The work components defined were as follows:

– Investment attraction

– Human Capital

– Infrastructure

– Tourism

– Agenda for competitiveness and legal certainty for investors.

For more information on the Guatemala Moving Forward Plan, its goals and allies, you may access:




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