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Ecofiltro pays tribute to its inventor with new Colors line

After the recent death of José Fernando Mazariegos Anleu, inventor of a water purifying filter whose design he donated to humanity, the Guatemalan social company Ecofiltro decided to honor him with its new plastic line called Colors. Mazariegos Anleu was a pharmaceutical chemist who developed the purifier in the 1980s, which in 1995 came to light with great success due to its relative low cost and practicality. This invention is currently present in 39 countries and there are 59 manufacturing plants. In Guatemala, a social enterprise, Ecofiltro, allowed this article to spread throughout the region.

The new design line is based on striking colors and with a greater storage capacity (22 liters), as well as the integration of a base for its placement that makes the space where it is used more efficient. During six months the new prototype was developed and implemented, by the Ecofiltro Development Department, after a study carried out on more than a thousand people. “This new Colors line is an innovation inspired by our inventor Fernando Mazariegos, with which we pay tribute to his ingenuity and his contribution to access to safe water for humanity, benefiting millions of people in the 59 factories in the world where it is replicated this purifying filter ”, commented the director and founder of Ecofiltro, Philip Wilson. It is estimated that each family that uses this method of water purification saves Q 1,500 annually and reduces their carbon footprint.