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Vegetables that bring peace and development

Peas and non traditional Vegetables exporters started a foundation in 2017
with The National Pea Foundation – (Fundarveja)

The main objective of Fundarveja is to promote the social and human development of the pea producer families living in the rural areas where the crop originated, through education in health, nutrition and environmental sanitation. The National Pea Foundation has focused on the promotion of knowledge and best practices to change life habits in the listed topics. The groups of small producers recognize peas as the main business that allows them to generate income to sustain their families, evolving from being subsistence producers to surplus producers. Snow Pea, Sugar Snaps and French Green Beans, as well as other vegetables and mini-vegetables have become a generator of 60 thousand direct jobs per season and up to 3 million daily wages that contribute to development in the areas where vegetables grown for export are planted. Thousands of families from rural communities proudly produce excellent quality vegetables in the country, which are recognized worldwide. At present, it is estimated that peas are grown in approximately 11 thousand hectares. Over the last 30 years, the sector has complied with ever-changing regulations regarding Food Safety, Phytosanitary and Sanitary regulations, that the Health and Agricultural authorities of the countries of destination impose. Fundarveja, as a social initiative of the Non-Traditional Vegetables Exporter Industry, coordinates at local level with other entities educational support and empowerment projects; focusing on mothers, farmers and their children, who must implement the acquired knowledge for best practices in health, nutrition and environmental sanitation to improve the quality of life of their own and therefore their communities.

Lines of action:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Strengthening / empowerment
  • Inter-institutional cooperation