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Human capital that serves the world

The Guatemalan service sector is constantly changing to satisfy the requests of the most demanding clients in the countries and regions that prefer Guatemalan talent because of its quality.

The country has professional, creative, capable, committed and specialized people in many productive and academic areas.

Laboratory services, development of software, digital content, creativity, sustainable tourism and health are areas of development in Guatemala, with specialized markets that are looked after with the highest technical quality, which has allowed for the demand to increase every year.

Guatemala is a pioneer in the outsourcing of services in Central America, to the extent that it projects a two-figure annual growth. There are projects in conjunction with public and private institutions that ensure the growth of the industry and the incorporation of more talent.

The modern and sophisticated world seeks constant solutions that facilitate and improve experiences. This is why the country presents a large portfolio to foreigners that are looking for alternative, medical, health, wellness and recreation tourism of the highest quality.

A clear example is the growth and constant expansion of multinational operations in Guatemala, which also create new divisions, allowing the diversification of services in the country.

In Guatemala there is also a group of specialized service providers for export, which facilitates and guarantees the quality and specialization of the services offered abroad.