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Guatemorfosis: Inspirational movement for positive change in Guatemala

It all began in 2012, when Pepsi wanted to transmit a different message to Guatemalans, because they firmly believe that in our country the positive things in each one of us stand out more and if we focus we can generate a movement to be better persons and lift up the name of Guatemala. Guatemorfosis has not been only a campaign, but something deeper; it’s an understanding that we are all agents of change and that we can contribute with our attitudes, habits and talent with a possibility to transform Guatemala, while releasing our best side as individuals and as a country. Today, Guatemorfosis evolves with a new message, and it shows us that when Guatemalans decide to do something, we can achieve it, because each person has change within them and if we join forces, we can make it bigger. Guatemorfosis has helped us understand and show that Guatemala continues to have much potential, it allows us to see that talent that we have in the country, in all sectors, environments and industries in order to believe in ourselves. Today, Guatemorfosis calls for us to come together and tells us that together, we are part of that change, since “together we are Guatemorfosis”

To know more about Guatemorfosis, go to: https://www.facebook.com/PepsiGuate/