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Manual de Marca Guatemala Beyond Expectations

Licensing and Guidelines

Guatemala has the largest, most stable and reliable economy in the Central American region, an extraordinary city for doing business and an enviable climate that makes us called “the country of eternal spring”. Guatemalans give life to a nation of creative, innovative and enterprising people, with a natural wealth and culture that only 19 countries on the planet possess and that are known as megadiverse because they are home to 70% of the biological diversity known until now.

This diversity and other differentiating characteristics as a country make us a world-class competitor, we produce products and services of export quality and reach the most demanding markets. We are recognized for producing some of the best coffee in the world, we are one of the largest suppliers of cardamom and we have tourist destinations that simply take your breath away.

Guatemala is a country that surprises, a Guatemala that exceeds expectations.

You can download our brand manual at the following link:Licenciamiento de marca