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Leonardo DiCaprio felicita a comunidades guatemaltecas que protegen la Biosfera Maya

Leonardo DiCaprio congratulates Guatemalan communities that protect the Mayan Biosphere

“Congratulations to the community organizations for protecting the forests of Guatemala for all humanity,” that was part of the congratulatory message that international actor Leonardo DiCaprio made on his official Instagram account.

The Hollywood actor shared the YouTube link to appreciate the documentary on the Mayan Biosphere, which is being recovered thanks to the efforts of the population and different conservation organizations.

“In the mid-2000s, illegal cattle ranches, many linked to drug trafficking, threatened to completely decimate Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve and its communities. Over the past decade, the Guatemalan government and its partners have risked their lives to drive out illegal ranchers and reclaim the forest. Recently, in a historic moment, the government awarded 30-year contracts that allowed local communities to manage and restore these forests, creating jobs and protecting nature,” the actor wrote alongside an excerpt from the clip.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long term protection and well-being of the inhabitants of the Earth, to prevent the advancement of climate change by creating awareness that actions against nature are irreversible, the celebrity speaks in favour of the protection of the ocean, forests, species and indigenous rights.

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