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Corporación guatemalteca reconocida por sus acciones para el combate del cambio climático

Guatemalan corporation recognized for its actions to combat climate change

The Multi-Investment Corporation (CMI) has been recognized for its good practices in its food operations and innovations for caring for the environment and combating climate change. The recognition was granted by DSM, a global company dedicated to nutritional solutions, committed to economic development with environmental and social responsibility.

Guided by the motto “We feed your world to fill it with well-being”, CMI Alimentos has dedicated itself to several years of research with the support of strategic partners such as DSM. This has allowed them to implement solutions in animal nutrition that guarantee sustainable animal production.

As a result, CMI has contributed to avoiding CO2 emissions of more than 80,000 metric tons in three years, which is equivalent to planting 1.3 million trees, according to calculations of greenhouse gas equivalents by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for the fruits of an effort that began with the dream of preserving our planet for this and future generations. As a responsible company with a purpose, we will continue to promote food safety hand in hand with allies such as DSM, to achieve sustainable development with an impact on individuals, families and communities”, assured José Gregorio Baquero, CEO of CMI Alimentos.

The innovative solutions provided by DSM and implemented by CMI have made it possible to improve the digestive processes of animals and the use of nutrients to achieve greater feed efficiency in balanced feed and poultry farms in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

“At DSM we want to create brighter lives for everyone. This implies meeting current needs without compromising future ones, promoting economic development with environmental and social responsibility. For this reason, we recognize, through evaluation criteria, clients such as CMI, who work to feed the world in a sustainable and responsible way”, commented Andrés Collazo, director of DSM North Latam.

In the last eight years, CMI Alimentos has contributed to reducing more than 110 thousand tons of CO2, which is equivalent to removing more than 4 million incandescent lamps, according to the EPA. They have two certified carbon neutral flour plants in Costa Rica and El Salvador, as well as more than 7,600 solar panels in mills, farms and poultry processing plants throughout the region.

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