Guatemalan manufacturing: added value and innovation
Guatemalan manufacturing: added value and innovation
The Guatemalan manufacturing sector represents 18% of the country’s economy The manufacturing sector is in growth mode through its promotion of value chains, commercial intelligence, strategic alliances – public, private and academic, achieving a 3.6% growth in 2016. Among the most representative products of the sector are diversified foods (liquid beverages, powders, beers and alcoholic beverages), confectionary (bubble gum, candy and chocolates), preserves (canned or glass packaged goods), processed foods (soups, sauces, dairy, cold-cuts), clothing and tobacco. The manufacturing exports in 2016 were US$5,781 million, representing 55% of the total country exports and 8.3% of the GDP. Among the main markets for export are Central America, in addition to United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Europe.